Breville air fryer toaster oven review is a trustworthy tool for the cook who wants a countertop oven that roasts succulent meat, broils, bake pizza, reheats leftovers, and toasts evenly. The convection setting reduces cooking time by up to 30%. Master every cooking technique with a Breville Smart oven. Find the right countertop oven for you. Model: BOV800XL

Breville toaster oven review is one of the best air fryer toaster oven consumer reports having the capacity to provide you a good number of cooking functions besides regular functions like toast or cookies. At first sight, you may consider this one as a general oven but it contains some more attractive features than a general toaster oven. This one has enough space for adjusting the “6 Cup Muffin Tray” inside the oven and for that reason, you’ll be able to place larger slices of food materials at a time.

For making all the functions easily understandable to you this one contains “Backlit Easy Read LCD” and it makes all the functions so. This one can easily meet the needs of snacks or meals for a four-member family as it has all the necessary arrangements. The made food will also be delicious & mouthwatering for having its smart cooking system. This article is an attempt to show you all the details of “Breville the Compact Smart Oven, Countertop Electric Toaster Oven BOV650XL.”

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven Convection Toaster Oven, Brushed Stainless Steel


  • This toaster oven is friendly to the newbie as it contains “Backlit Easy Read LCD,” which is easily readable.
  • You’ll be able to clean it conveniently at any time for having its “Non-Stick Cavity Coasting.”
  • 8 Unique presets of this oven will be enough to meet the needs of a 4 member family.
  • For transferring “4 Quartz” its “Smart Element IQ” is really effective.


  • This toaster oven is available in only one color i. e. silver color.

Why may you choose this Breville toaster oven review?

Not only for one or two but for a good number of reasons people use this oven for making snacks or meals. This one contains “Smart Element IQ” which is powerful enough to transfer “4 Quartz Elements.” This oven has 8 “unique presets” and these include Broil, Pizza, Cookies, Reheat, Toast, Bagel, Bake, and Roast. That doesn’t mean that you can only cook 8 items using this oven rather it means you may cook so many different items in these 8 settings. Suppose you may reheat or broil different food items using this oven.

You’ll be able to insert 12 inches pizza, or 4 slices of toasters at a time as it has necessary larger spaces inside the oven. You may conveniently clean this oven as it contains a “Stick Cavity Coasting” inside the oven. Besides these features, you’ll get here faster output in comparison with the other ovens. All these features make this oven one of the best toaster ovens.

You may place this oven at any corner of your kitchen without occupying any spacious spaces for its compact design. For enjoying all these features, you may choose This best toaster oven and you can be sure that it will satisfy you to the nth degree with its delicious output.

Plan before you buy it!

For meeting all the needs of you, you should plan about the needs and the capacity of a product you’re going to choose. It is doubly important if you’re a new user of the oven and for that reason, you should take a quick look at the following four features to examine whether this oven can meet your needs or not.

  • The dimension of this one is 15 x 17 x 10 inches, while the weight of it is 14.55 pounds. It is like other general ovens from this perspective.
  • Stainless Steel material has been used here for making it the super durable one and it is really so.
  • 8 Unique presets are allowed here and using these presets a user of it may meet the needs of a 4 member family easily.
  • For having “Back-Lit Easy-Read LCD,” you may use this oven conveniently even being a newbie.

If it seems to you that the oven with the above-mentioned features can meet your needs then you may order this one for you. But, for avoiding the scam one, check at least once the ASIN Number- B00357YS3A, and the Item model number- BOV650XL, of this oven when you’re about to buy.

How you may use it for making different delicious foods

Like a toaster oven, this one has all the arrangements to deliver different delicious foods to its users. But, you have to know the way to cook those mouthwatering foods. For that reason, a piece of the user manual will be provided to you with the package and all the details of the cooking function you’ll get there.

At this point, we’ll show you several guidelines for your quick understanding. When you’ll get the package in hand, first you should check whether all the things are okay. After that, place the oven at your desired place and start to read the user manual A to Z. After reading the user manual, to get acquainted with the options of it, take a quick look at the outward appearance of the oven keeping the oven door at the front side.

At the front side of the oven, you’ll see an oven door, which is crystal clear. At the right top of the oven door, you’ll see the LCD Display, and on such display, the temperature and timer will be shown. Below the display, you’ll get all the options of this oven. At immediately below you’ll see the start/cancel knob, and immediately below this knob you’ll see another knob named function knob and it contains Pizza, Cookies, Reheat, Toast, Bagel, Bake, Roast, and Broil function.

At the lower part of the frontal part of the oven, a knob is placed and it contains two options and these are timer and temperature. You’ll have to press on a specific knob depending on the function you want to use. An oven rack is placed inside the oven although you’ll see the rack from outside for the transparent of the oven door. On using this oven, you’ve to keep notice on the rack positioning. There are three positionings of the rack and these are Top rack height position, Middle rack height position.

The cooking procedure is really simple you just need to place the raw food materials inside. The oven on the oven rack will star working immediately. Top rack height position is for broil function, Middle rack height position is for toast, bagel cookies, and pizza. For making a roast or reheat or baking something Bottom rack height position is recommended.

After placing the food material inside you have to select the right function, timer, and temperature. After starting the cooking function you’ll get the delicious output in just minutes. You’ll have the option to cancel the existing setting by pressing on the start/cancel knob.

There are a good number of features that seem enjoyable to almost all users. In this stage, we’re going to show you some of those features. Let’s see!

Back-Lit Easy-Read LCD

On using an oven choosing the right option is important. In case of this one if you make any mistake in choosing the option that matters. It has a little LCD Display that you will if you don’t buy this item. For that reason, you may use this oven for making different delicious foods with relaxation.

8 Cooking Functions

While the other ovens contain only 4 to 5 cooking functions this one contains 8. This one is containing all the functions for people who want to use it. Its functions are like Broil, Pizza, Cookies, Reheat, Toast, Bagel, Bake, and Roast. Certainly, this one has all the necessary arrangements to satisfy the users of different penchant.

Different Rack Positioning

You probably know that just applying heat is not enough for making different delicious foods. You have to place foods on perfect height inside the oven for cooking the food precisely. For that reason, this one keeps three rack positioning. You’ll have the option to place the foods inside in any of these three racks. But it depends on the function you’re going to use.

Easy to Use

This oven is really easy to use in comparison with the other ovens. Here all the functions or options are placed at a certain place i.e. the right front side. This oven is keeping the option to cancel the existing setting at any time. That’s why it becomes so friendly to a newbie. Names of the functions or options are written down beside the relevant knobs.


Breville toaster oven review will serve all your purpose so effectively. You’ll be able to catch on the point after using it for some days. No matter whether you’ve used an oven previously or not as this one is very easy to use.

If the features of it seem desirable to you then obviously it will be the right choice for you. Without thinking any more you may choose “Breville the Compact Smart Oven, Countertop Electric Toaster Oven BOV650XL” for you.

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