Dining Out

The appetizers provided a good introduction to the kitchen’s somewhat zany approach. Baja egg rolls owed much less to Asian than to Mexican tastes. Though it was served in egg roll wrappers instead of tortillas, the filling was mildly chili-spiced beans, onion and corn with a dab of guacamole on the side as a dip. Hot brie was presented on a small, round crust with bits of tomato. It took us a minut to realize what we had – brie pizza!

Two of our hungrier diners also tried the soups, minestrone and vegetable stew. The italian soup, with typical SKY contrarian impudence, contained spinach and potatoes, but was even more delicious than the standard version. The diner who had the veggie soup said it was also wonderful.

Our inveterate pasta eater tested “Jambalaya Pasta”. Now, jambalaya is a Gulf Coast dish involving rice, seafood and maybe ham or chicken with Cajun spices. So SKY tosses out the rice, serves this Creole dish over spaghetti, and puts some spicy sausage in it, too. I don’t like pasta all that much, but this was peppery and tasted great.

We snuck into SKY when it was but two-plus weeks old. Seldom if ever have we tested a start-up restaurant that had so few problems and so much to commend it. SKY’s owners were smart enough not to begin advertising right away, and they had about the amount of business they could handle. I’m told the word is now going out. You’re already too late. The place is going to be jammed.


Mon - Thurs: Dinner 4pm - 9:30pm, bar until midnight
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Sunday Brunch: 10am - 2pm (no brunch July 2)
Sunday Dinner: 2pm - 9pm, bar until 9pm

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